Vorlon.JS plugins make debugging simple, consistent and are where you will spend the majority of your time while debugging your application.

The Vorlon.JS core includes eleven plugins by default.


View logs and errors for your application.

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View a list of supported and unsupported features.

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DOM Explorer

Inspect the DOM tree and its corresponding styles.

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Object Explorer

Display the living JavaScript variables tree.

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XHR Panel

View XHR calls information sent by your devices.

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Inspect your Angular.js scopes

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Network Monitor

View network activities (XHR & resources loading).

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Resources Explorer

Inspect local resources such as localStorage or cookies.

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Device Information

Gathers remote device rendering information.

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Best Practices

Performs web standards compliance and best practices audits.

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Unit Test Runner

Enable remote unit testing thanks to the power of QUnit

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NodeJS Process

Gathers information and monitor memory usage.

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Express Debugger

View and debug your node.js express-based application.

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Using and Creating Plugins

Vorlon.JS can be extended to include the plugins you need. See the documentation for instructions on installing plugins or creating your own plugin.

How to install pluginsHow to create a plugin